About us

5d is a BTL agency which is, from its founding in 1997, directed to a premium service only. This goal influenced the company development, both in human resources selection and in strategy deployment.

Agency employes 30 full-time employees and 2.000 promotors in about 100 cities. Its offices are situated in Croatia (Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka, Split) and Slovenia (Ljubljana). Through SEMPA (SouthEast Europe Marketing Promotion Association) its business expands to the markets of Bosnia and Herzegowina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria.

We developed our own work system, we continuosly challenge our control mechanism, and we continuosly seek for the quality confirmation from our long-term clients. A high-class qualty asks for steady investments – thus we continuosuly research, change, improve, suggest and discover. And the closing word in this process comes from our clients and consumers who trust us for 14 years. Our quality is also recognised by CPM, the world agency association, which accepted our membership since 2008.